Visual Ethnography

Visual ethnography is a pivotal part of a human-centered design research. Jacob Langvad Nilsson document the world we live in for international brands

Visual ethnography can stand alone or make up one piece of a larger study in social anthropology. Either way, it is an excellent method used by international brands and research agencies. Whether the end result is to make sports equipment or fund social change, a well-executed visual ethnography project can help you make culturally relevant and informed decisions.

Visual documentation is an indispensible part of a human-centered design research. Jacob Langvad Nilsson journeys to both remote and populous areas on behalf of his clients to document the world we live in. His skills as a visual ethnographer are sharpened by an eye with over 10 years experience in photojournalism and editorial photography.

During the creation of a pivotal piece of visual ethnography produced for Nike, an internationally recognized sportswear and sporting equipment supplier, Jacob traveled for 3 months with a small team of field researchers. Their goal was to document the football culture among teens in Latin America.

Drawing on the raw strength and isolation of the subjects, as well as the unique character of the people involved, his oil, gas and mining photography skills are without equal

The result of the Nike project is a beautiful 400-page book that shows how football influences the daily lives of youth in both urban and rural settings. It helped strengthen the client's understanding of their consumers and the intimate relationship their consumers have with football.

Visual ethnographer Jacob Langvad Nilsson works for international brands who wish to get a better undertanding of their customers, primarily in emerging markets. To hear more about our ethnography services and to see more ethnography examples, please contact us using the contact form below.


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