Moving into our new office

BOLA Sociology Design is up and running. It has been in the making for two years. Today, the workers are wrapping up and we’re moving into our new office in central São Paulo. It’s located on the edge between Itaim Bibi and Jardins and has a balcony with an amazing view.

BOLA Sociology Design is a multidisciplinary research and development consulting firm specializing in communication and language innovation. Based in São Paulo, it brings together sociologists, anthropologists, semioticians, planners, designers, and artists from several countries and fields of study to analyze design consumption and develop culturally meaningful aesthetic solutions. BOLA is a BOX1824 company.

I’ll be working here as photographic director and photographer. Planning to stay here until the company is well up and running, meaning a year or so, before continuing to wherever new challenges might lead me.