Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things

Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things is a thought provoking and visionary book by U.S. architect William McDonough and German chemist Michael Braungart that is reshaping the long-held relation between environment and industry. Going against the traditional views and opinions, McDonough and Braungart advocates the adoption of ecologically intelligent design in human industry for attaining a sustainable and wholesome growth. This book is a manifesto for the next industrial revolution, which encourage readers to look beyond the limits of natural system. Published in 2002, this book is still being considered as the best source for exploring the opportunities that lies in nature without making it barren and bereft of resources.

”Cradle to Cradle” is a conscious attempt to provide a new model for industrial revolution. As oppose to the popular concept of using less natural resources, McDonough and Braungart have propagated a novel idea that is radically different and amazingly innovative. They suggest that we should try to overcome the issue of dwindling natural resources by minimizing their dependence on natural resources. In this book, they have asserted the fact that social, economical and ecological values can be kept intact even in the stages of industrial revolution by offering a feasible and tangible solution. The readers will be able to find the root of industrial revolution and to realize the subtle relationship that existed among three crucial elements of this revolution: society, nature and science.

Just a give and take relationship with nature is both absurd and unhealthy. A symbiotic relationship between nature and industry is all needed not because it is good for the society but because it is profitable from business perspective. This book is an ideal combination of illustrations and well-researched information that are coupled together for offering a tangible solution to the problem of inefficiency and waste of natural resources. This book warns the readers that a tragic disruption is bound to happen if we continue to exploit the resources of naturally unsystematically. In “Cradle to Cradle”, McDonough and Braungart have shown that environment and industry can develop side by side if we can discard the traditional opportunist model and opt for a better model of development.

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