Millennial Generation: The Resurrection of American

A history is about to be born in the USA as a new generation is gearing up to take up the gauntlets of challenges by going against almost anything that stands between its ideas and achievements. The youths of this new generation are progressive, perfectionist, tech savvy, iconoclastic and are raring to face anything to save their country from going into oblivion. They are the forerunners of Millennial Generation; they are the future of the great American Dream. Despite being plagued by a bleak economic scenario, climate change, unemployment, disappearance of social safety, growing national debt and other grave issues, youths of this generation are not willing to let down their guards without putting up a brave fight. This new generation is marked by its passion, courage, determination and its ambition to do something new, something innovative to ensure a sustainable growth in coming days.

What is remarkable about the Millennial Generation is that it is by far the largest and the most diverse generation (born between 1978 and 2000) that America has ever had. The youths of this generation are more politically independent, more socially conscious, more liberate and tolerate to other cultures and religions. Though the positions of power are still occupied by the people of earlier generation, known as Baby Boomer in American society, this new generation is revving up to take the charge in coming days. As oppose to Baby Boomer who was highly conservative in its views of social and political issues, youths of Generation We are more educated, ethnically more diverse and have a sober view of the world.

The Millennial Generation comprises 21% of the workforce and it occupies 27% of the entire population of the United States. Significantly, it was the Millennials whose active participation in the 2008 presidential election had made it possible for Barack Obama to become the first African-American president in the history of the United States. In short, this new generation is caring, generous, smart, creative and liberal. Youths of Generation We are committed, full of energy and are ready to undergo anything to offer an antidote to this world, which is plagued by war, distrust, animosity and hatred. All they want is a revolution, a transformation to make this world a better and safer place for their next generation.

New Progressive America: The Millennial Generation

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