Our Choice is Al Gores Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis

On November 3, 2009, Al Gore, the world climate crisis crusader and former US Vice President, published his new book. The new book is titled “Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis” and promises to come with both intriguing new questions and solutions to the global climate crisis. “Now that the need for urgent action is even clearer with the alarming new findings of the last three years, it is time for a comprehensive global plan that actually solves the climate crisis. Our Choice will answer that call,“, according to the press release.

Al Gore’s last book, An Inconvenient Truth, brought together research from scientists all over the world, accompanied by illustrations, photos, and charts, to make the average people aware of the global warming reality. An Inconvenient Truth sent a warning to everyone who read it and now the new book, Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis, is following up on this warning.

Structured in eighteen chapters and containing many illustrations, the book clearly conveys the scope of solutions that tackle the global climate crisis. Far from being pedantic, Al Gore’s tone is sober and opinionated. Our Choice covers almost everything from our sources of energy to how and where to use them. The author also tackles the difficult and debated fields of living systems, population, soils, and forests.

Climate legislation is strongly debated in the US and it looks like Al Gore’s Our Choice comes at just the right moment. One third of the faculty at MIT is anxious to work on green technologies and are supported by parents, fellow students, teachers, and scientists. According to Al Gore, we have the means to combat the global climate crisis but we lack the collective will. Readers can find all the information they need, all the alarm bells, and all the solutions they need to take action. All we need is a strong will! More and more people are starting to realize that global warming is an issue and will grow over time. People like Al Gore, through their objective books, are opening our eyes!

On December 16th, during the COP15 Climate Conference in Copenhagen, Al Gore will present his new multimedia presentation. Tickets are available here.

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