Trillions: The Future of Information Ecology

The number of Internet devices has already crossed the milestone of 1 billion units, but this achievement seems negligible when compared with its future prospects, which is no longer a distant vision. Trillions, a new video by MAYA Design, aptly shows how computing technology can redefine the future of digital world by crossing the boundary of number or by touching the magical figure: 1 trillion. This simply means the presence of computing technology will become ever more pervasive and powerful and is likely to be followed by a string of new challenges and opportunities. (more…)

Brazil is the Worlds New Economic Superpower

Brazil, which is blessed with an impressive amount of natural resources and workforce, is fast developing as a global player in the world economic circle. However, its spectacular rise in the past few years as an emerging economic superpower is not sudden. It is the results of continuous reformations. Just few years ago, Brazil was considered to be a country of soccer, samba and rainforest. But after the international financial crisis, there came a sudden change in this popular perception. Global community begins to treat it at par with India and China, who are ushering a tectonic shift in the current global economic system. (more…)