Trillions: The Future of Information Ecology

The number of Internet devices has already crossed the milestone of 1 billion units, but this achievement seems negligible when compared with its future prospects, which is no longer a distant vision. Trillions, a new video by MAYA Design, aptly shows how computing technology can redefine the future of digital world by crossing the boundary of number or by touching the magical figure: 1 trillion. This simply means the presence of computing technology will become ever more pervasive and powerful and is likely to be followed by a string of new challenges and opportunities.

But are we prepared enough to face the challenges that will be brought by it? Do we have the devices to connect and manage such inconceivable number of computers, smart devices or whatever they will take shape as? Obviously, we have not but we will surely have it, as we have had the calculator, the personal computer, iPhones etc in the past. But we need to have a plan that is practical, pragmatic, bold and innovative. If possible, it should also entail a wide array of futuristic devices that will allow us to make this seeming impossible thing possible. Trillions, which is a futuristic, fascinating, fabulous and somewhat fiery collection of innovative concepts and amazing ideas, shows how challenges of future can be faced effectively through a perfect presentation of information and images.

Trillions is a preview of what is going to happen in near future in the sphere of computing technology. Confrontations and complications are bound to occur if we want to solve the challenges of future with the technology of today. Managing a network of such magnitude is a monstrous job can go beyond the traditional concept of engineering. It has to entail design, architect and scientific research to generate a feasible solution. However, a paradigm shift is already underway that can topple the traditional concept of computer networking. It is going to be a radically distributed network centric system, which will be the product of the gradual evolution of network computing.

Trillions gives voice to an idea that has the potential to liberate network computation by deconstructing today’s personal computers into a wide range of components, all with specialized and specific functionality. It also depicts how computer can play a significant role in human lives. The concept of traditional computation can go haywire, as all gadgets in near future might have some ability to process information irrespective of their sizes. It might sound slightly futuristic but in reality, it only represents what is actually happening around us right now.

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