Street interviews at Universidade São Paulo (USP), São Paulo, Brazil for The BRIC Project

The BRIC Project‘ is a conceptual market research project which puts a face on a new generation of global consumers and brings to light the differences and similarities across four of the world’s biggest, and fastest growing emerging markets. Among the qualitative research methods, visual ethnography is the primary tool.

As income and opportunities increase in these emerging markets, the standard of living, lifestyle, and consumption patterns shift from basic necessities towards expenditures on discretionary products and services. As they continue to outpace the West in terms of economic growth, the BRICs stand poised to be the world’s superpowers of tomorrow.

In an effort to understand drivers and motivations, the BRIC Project conducts extensive qualitative research of the burgeoning middle-class in Brazil, Russia, India, and China. The results provide comprehensive insights and strategic analysis of youth culture and consumer behavior for international brands.

The BRIC Project is not limited to consumers in the capital cities, but increasingly in second and third tier cities, where the challenges and opportunities are equally higher.

For more information please visit The BRIC Project.

'The BRIC Project' - Visual ethnography by Jacob Langvad Nilsson for Tender Research

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