Russia Will Join the European Union, Predicts Goldman Sachs

In his forecast for the next 10-40 years, Jim O’Neill of Goldman Sachs defies the critics of Russia’s continued membership of the Bric team and it’s future economic growth: Russia doesn’t need dramatic growth rates. It just needs to avoid crises.

Russia is often singled out as the Bric country that doesn’t belong in the Brics. Critics say that with its aging population, dependence on oil and gas and widespread corruption, it’s not in the same league as its dynamic rivals – Brazil, India and China

Jim O’Neill, the Brics’ inventor, disagrees. In The Growth Map, a book marking the 10th anniversary of his coining of the acronym, he rejects suggestions that Russia should be dropped from the team. He argues, in his characteristically forthright way, that in terms of GDP her head, Russia has the potential to beat not just the other Brics but “all other European countries” – and join the European Union.

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