Indian Men Becomes Sophisticated Consumers

India’s modern retail format is changing. What was traditionally primarily women’s domain, is now joined by a growing force of brand and product conscious men. For India’s modern man, shopping is no longer reduced to the absolute necessities. They are increasingly shopping for discretionary products such as apparel, accessories, gadgets, and grooming products, just like their female counterparts.

An article posted recently in India Times revealed a big change on men’s approach to shopping. According to the management of one of the biggest shopping centers in India, the Damodar Mall, the number of men found shopping is increasing dramatically. In one study, it was found that 40% of the customers lining up in the cashier’s area were men. The increase in the number of Indian entrepreneurs who engaged into selling men’s stuff is also a good proof that market is booming.

Indian Men’s Attitude Towards Shopping is Changing

Today it is not only women who love to treat themselves with expensive clothes, flashy gadgets, and other less-than-essential, material things. Through the past years, men were able to unveil the feeling of contentment, excitement and thrill when one goes on shopping. They have realized how essential it is to at least please yourself after a hard day work.

This leap of change happened in the life of Satish Kumar, a 43-year old techie from Delhi. Kumar was once one of the millions of men who find shopping to be not a wise act from someone who’s working so hard for his every earned penny. He never had a quality shopping time with his mother and wife for he really find it boring and tiring.

When the Kumar family decided to divide the shopping chores at their home, Kumar was assigned to take full responsibility on lugging the groceries from a shop. Things went a bit uneasy for Kumar at first. But, a never-expected-to-happen event took place when the Kumar family went on an unplanned shopping.

At the end of that day, Kumar found out that he spent 50,000.00 rubies (USD 992.00) on shoes, a jacket for the upcoming winter, and three formal shirts. Those items were not needed by Kumar that much, he just felt that strange feeling of being attracted to expensive things.

Kumar is now one of the thousands of men whose view about shopping is changed. One obvious proof of the increasing rate of the number of men who just recently indulged into the addictive world of shopping is the increasing number of businesses and clothing line who specializes on men’s garments, accessories and stuff.

What Changed In Their Way of Thinking?

Just like any other things in this world, the change on men’s point of view about shopping has surely reasons behind. Experts consider the following facts as few of the factors that are believed to be the cause why men started to love shopping: a good shopping environment which includes the structural design of the establishment, wide variety of products displayed, the convenience of being able to find all the needed things in just one roof, unending sales and discounts from their favourite brands and an increasing number of metrosexual men.

Another thing that obviously convinced men to spend part of their earnings on shopping is on how they prioritize their look now more than ever. Men became more conscious on their physical appearance making them patronize beauty products created for them. Some considered this as something very gay, but others take it as a man’s way of showing they care about how they look too.

Shimmering Blings

Another unexpected thing that men started to love is the gleam of luxurious jewelries. Although up to this time women are still as addicted to diamonds and gold as before, some men have started to collect jewelries just like some elite women of the society. It was actually recorded that India has the third largest men’s luxury jewelry market according to the Euromonitor 2011’s report. Their findings undeniably show how India’s retail market is changing. Because all things about shopping became so easy since the time that all-in-one malls were created, shopping has become more fun than ever. Good thing that men were able to appreciate it now.

India Times, ‘Men, Why even they shop till they drop?‘, March 11, 2012

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