Life’s Getting Better in China, Brazil, and India

These are the three countries in this world that are making an impressive leap outside of the economic crisis and onto the ship of economic growth as well as increased retails, stable inflation and a better life standard.

China moved up to the second place in the GDP ranking of countries in the recent past years. In 2010 a report, created by the United Nations, states that China has a GDP of 5.74 trillion, whereas that number grows to 7.3 trillion for 2011, according to the World Bank report. They have extremely high growth rates and the people are ready to put their hands in their pockets. A research shows that just about ¾ of the Chinese people fancy green products and half of them are even ready to pay more, but have something that is eco-friendly. (more…)

In China, Lifestyle Counts as Much as Work

The younger generation in China is now leading a new work lifestyle where they prefer to leave one job before landing on another in order to get time to fulfill their personal interests. This trend has been termed as naked resignation because one leaves a job with no other job at hand.

A study shows that a number of youth in their late twenties now say that they feel bored and unchallenged in their current jobs even after doing them for a period of less than five years. Overtime no longer motivates the younger generation. A young Chinese employee preferred to leave his job so that he could have time with his hobbies. He loves movies, so he gathered some of his friends and they acted one of them in a period of three months before going back to work in a period of three months. (more…)