In China, Lifestyle Counts as Much as Work

The younger generation in China is now leading a new work lifestyle where they prefer to leave one job before landing on another in order to get time to fulfill their personal interests. This trend has been termed as naked resignation because one leaves a job with no other job at hand.

A study shows that a number of youth in their late twenties now say that they feel bored and unchallenged in their current jobs even after doing them for a period of less than five years. Overtime no longer motivates the younger generation. A young Chinese employee preferred to leave his job so that he could have time with his hobbies. He loves movies, so he gathered some of his friends and they acted one of them in a period of three months before going back to work in a period of three months.

A study by a professor for labor economics at the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing says that the younger generation is very different from their parents in their reasoning. They are generally more concerned with their feelings and happiness in preference to money and status. Once they are not happy they’ll just quit. This trend has been seen in 80 percent of those interviewed who have thought about quitting their job while 22 percent of them have gone ahead to quit.

As the living standards in China begin to improve, the habit of people preferring to leave their jobs rather than succumbing to pressure working long hours with low pay will continue to increase. Fortunately, employers have gotten used to this habit of naked resignations which is common to the generation in the 60s in the United States.

Source: The Christian Science Monitor

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