Brazil’s New Middle Class is Shopping on Credit

As the world’s 7th largest economy, Brazil has shown great growth across numerous industry sectors over the past years. Last year alone, Brazil’s economy managed to increase by an impressive 7.5% with the finance ministry predicting an overall annual growth of 4.5% this year. It is interesting to note that Brazilians have peculiar shopping habits that have in a more focused perspective led to far reaching economic implications.

Most retail stores in Brazil now allow residents to buy items and pay for them in installments. This culture has in turn encouraged more Brazilians to spend money on items, which in the first instance, they do not really require. (more…)

Tapping Into Indonesia’s Global Economic Potential

Indonesia has a vast wealth that can potentially catapult its economic standing to the highest level of global economy joining the ranks of such European countries like the United Kingdom and Germany in a matter of a few decades. Today, Indonesia is ranked 16th on the world’s largest economy and the largest among Southeast Asian nations which indicates the rapid economic booming largely due to huge domestic consumption and growth in production. It was estimated by some economic experts that Indonesia would reach a ranking of 7th largest economy by the year 2030 surpassing other countries in Europe. Now that Indonesia is garnering more international investors it could do so much more to reach the highest economic growth potential. (more…)