Kenya’s Technology Start-Up Scene Will Bring Prosperity To The Region

Kenya`s strategy on welcoming visitors to its capital Nairobi gives a break on a particular game on a mobile phone which is downloadable basically came out in many countries. It is Kenya`s start-up impression on its technology getting it on top of the board. This mobile game is based on the city of Nairobi`s road condition which inspired Planet Rackus to innovate technology introducing it to the market.

As technology rises up in Kenya, there are challenges where technology in Africa as Kenya is concern inspired by many struggles in order to achieve and be successful in start-ups, apps, and entrepreneurs. The importance of technology in Kenya plays a vital role as it contributes to its economic where in 2002 exports from technology shares $16m and rolls up to $360m after 8 years. Investors are pouring on Kenya`s capital Nairobi on its business district focusing on technology some of these are Nailab, Savannah Fund, GrowthHub and the well-known bank of Kenya the Equity Bank.

Points of views from Kenya`s start-ups

The growth of Kenya`s technology start-up gives the people the chance to show how technology will change their country the potential of enriching someone`s idea to explore more in technology. This will be achieve completely with the support of the government opening its door to investors that will pour on funds especially in the field of technology as Kenya`s capital Nairobi is starting to boosts its start-ups. As we can see with the help of the secretary to the ministry of Information and Communications Technology ICT wherein he manage to brought four undersea internet cables which is the first from Kenya`s history. With the support of the government in this way will bridge opportunities to reach out to its people.

Africa as we all know is leading the way in using mobile money basically the main course for their business as it was launched by a phone company (M-PESA) which is a key factor in Nairobi`s take off to boost its start-ups in terms of technology. What is good in this are they both exchange their points of views collaborating on the possibilities on improving technologies for future achievements. Kenya is using mobiles not as part of their lifestyle but now using it as part of their business as well. Companies are now enhancing the technology the way Kenya works as it evolves and so in an innovative way.

Source: The Economist

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