Africa’s Dream of Economic Growth From the New Middle Class

When we think of Africa, usually what comes into mind is political conflicts, if not bloody wars, poverty and famine. But something has changed. Looking closer and you will discover the growth of the middle class, which will big part of an answer to the future growth development of Africa. According to a recent report it is projected that in the next 50 years the middle class of Africa will have its growth to more than a billion people. Wall Street Journal`s Patrick McCarty delivered a report from African Development Bank that says challenges will keep on closing on middle class among continents economic powers.

By 2060, Middle Class Population of Africa will be 42%

In a certain continent they basically focused on one or more developed, and highly industrialized countries that come upon inequalities from rich and poor people. But someway Africa has an average of 5%/year, which potentially can give to broader basis growth. It was also reported that by 2060, the middle class population of Africa will reach 42%; we can see more growth potential from the increase of population that will most likely be a middle class in the future. A challenge on the other hand for the African Government is the assessment focusing on their development.

Middle Class Emerges To Consumer Market

Businesses are now focusing on the middle class that are emerging in consumer market. African consumer that comes from a middle class are contributing from this report that over 955 million of consumers in Africa are rising, which government says that early in 2060 it will target middle class growth to 2 billion. The average scenario to the middle class that are spending for a total of GDP to 60% in the past 2 years, which means that over 850 million consumed by the middle class. In Africa, disparities over rich and poor, and from urban to rural looked who are at the next factor in terms of leading the edge that these consumers are willing to take as far as middle class are concerned, which are behind from the rest – BUT are looking to tap at rapid growth within the next couple of years.

The middle class Africans are now consuming wisely and taking their lives to the next level, with new brands that are famous and they are adopting familiar brands. Innovative ways of enhancing their approach change the economic landscape for a market of middle class that possibly gives a boom in Africa`s economic growth. The middle class is now starting to tackle on the consumer market as we look at African markets, the capacity that a middle class could give on the market is with their spending factors which most Africans take risks to meet what they believe they are to take. Huge opportunities are going on the way rapidly to the middle class who is emerging in the consumer market. It is all about how we understand their aspect of spending the way they buy, and how they buy.

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