Crazy About Melissa

New promotions for Brazilian shoemaker Melissa to run during São Paulo Fashion Week (SPFW). This BOLA project was done in collaboration with in-house art director Luciano Lincoln.

“Crazy about Melissa” was an advertising campaign I photographed for Melissa Shoes, a Brazilian shoe brand. This photo was shot for São Paulo Fashion Week in Brazil.

Advertising campaign for Melissa” title=”Crazy About Melissa in São Paulo Fashion Week

Stine Goya Konfetti Collection Lookbook

Stine Goya Confetti Collection Lookbook was produced just in time for Copenhagen Fashion Week F/W 2007. I finished shooting the lookbook for my close friend, fashion designer Stine Goya. She is a Central Saint Martin’s Graduate in print design and this is her premiere season. Her women’s ready-to-wear collection is called Confetti.