Searching for Latin America’s Economic Transformation

From economic crisis to booming growth lead by a new, large middle class, the countries of Latin America is undergoing an economic transformation. Together with journalist Nola Grace Gaardmand, I traveled to Brazil, Argentina and Chile for Nordea Invest, to document what is hidden behind the impressive statistics. The result is this short video embedded below, a feature in Nordea Invest Magazine, in print and on a new iPad App, as well as a travel journal on Facebook. Spoiler: speak and texts available in Danish only.

Life’s Getting Better in China, Brazil, and India

These are the three countries in this world that are making an impressive leap outside of the economic crisis and onto the ship of economic growth as well as increased retails, stable inflation and a better life standard.

China moved up to the second place in the GDP ranking of countries in the recent past years. In 2010 a report, created by the United Nations, states that China has a GDP of 5.74 trillion, whereas that number grows to 7.3 trillion for 2011, according to the World Bank report. They have extremely high growth rates and the people are ready to put their hands in their pockets. A research shows that just about ¾ of the Chinese people fancy green products and half of them are even ready to pay more, but have something that is eco-friendly. (more…)

Procter & Gamble Innovates on Thin Margins in India

In a market of 400 million people, India is one of the targets of major manufacturing corporations in product innovation. Unlike in other nations, the upscale market of India is seen to be a peculiar one as consumers have different preference and needs. Venturing into this demanding market is P&G with its effort to become the premium producer of efficient shaving razors. (more…)